Over a decade of experience in energy technology assessment

Model development

We can lay out the key elements of the technologies or systems of interest, and develop a customized model solution, capturing essential input parameters, functional relationships and outputs.

Project management

We have extensive experience managing complex scientific projects. Whether a small, focused research endeavor or a large project involving many moving pieces, we have the experience to bring it all together.

Research and writing

Emerging Futures can customize research and writing, gathering and interpreting information for a written report, presentation or other work product of any depth, for private or public use.

Download our paper, Energy and Resource Analysis of a Large-Scale Earth-Mars Human Transport Systemfrom the 2016 IAC conference

New analysis: Which is better for building a sustainable human settlement, Moon or Mars?  View our findings

Blog post: How large of a Mars settlement could the water in Utopia Planitia support? Read about it here

       Areas of Practice

  • Assessment of emerging space technologies, focusing on commercial developments
  • Holistic, integrated system modeling
  • Analysis of sustainable space system costs, energy and material resource consumption