About Emerging Futures

Our company was created after more than ten years working in the energy technology sustainability research field, across academic, corporate and government institutions. Founder Jeffery Greenblatt realized that technologies with potentially large impact on economics, energy systems, environmental sustainability and human well-being were emerging frequently, and were not limited to terrestrial applications: the emerging space economy represented an important new development that could have profound impacts across many human domains, and could provide solutions to seemingly intractable environmental problems, such as resource scarcity. The mission of Emerging Futures is to characterize the impact of such technologies across all areas of interest, through research, quantitative modeling, scenario development, and creative thinking.

Technical Detail, Holistic Analysis, Creative Insight

Technology Assessment
Understanding What Matters

The Team

Founder, CEO and Chief Scientist
Space System Advisor
Space Instrumentation
Fintech, Laser and Space Systems
Dust Dynamics
Life-Cycle Assessment
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